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Black Mountain


“Thank you for contributing your time, expertise and energy to our staff training at the Senior Center.  The collaborative manner in which we identified the needs, devised appropriate opportunities for staff, and delivered the three hour training was effective and supportive of the City’s Code of ethics and values.  I have heard positive comments from staff and believe we have a plan to continue our efforts to strengthen relations between seniors, staff, and management.  I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.” - Phil Orr, Recreation Supervisor, Santa Clara Senior Center


  • Life Guard Training – working with seniors


“Two months has passed since you facilitated a Management Development/Team Building session for our fire department Operations staff.  Since that time I have noticed many positive changes within our staff, and the purpose of this letter is to express my appreciation for your role in enhancing our operations.

The session you facilitated was professionally organized and effectively presented. Your ability to bring individuals into each discussion as well as your ability to keep us from ‘wandering’ was much appreciated.  I felt we were able to discuss many complex and sensitive topics, and the end result was a better understanding of each individual’s role within our operational team.

As an operations group, we meet on a weekly basis.  From time to time we will reflect back and analyze our team building session.  It is very common to hear individuals comment on an improved working atmosphere and a higher level of communication that has developed among our staff as a direct result of our Management Development session.  This improved atmosphere and communication level has had a positive impact on our staff’s morale and has even boosted productivity.

I would also like to say thanks for the notes that you delivered to me the week following our session.  Those notes have been and will continue to be beneficial to us in our analysis of our job performance.

Thank you again, ArLyne, for your positive influence.  We are all moving in the right direction.” - Phil Kleinheinz, Chief, The City of Santa Clara Fire Department


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Understanding the roles of members of the chain of command


“Arlyne is a skilled facilitator graced with sensitivity and the ability to draw even the shyest into communication.  I witnessed members of my staff go through many powerful emotions over several weeks ending in friendship and awareness of one another’s differences, strengths and weaknesses.  Recognition, appreciation and acceptance of where your team member is in their life, and where you are, enhance the workplace.

I am very glad we found Dr. Diamond.  Her professionalism helped improve and strengthen the awareness of effective team communication, honesty, and morale.  Here is what my staff said about her:

• “ArLyne as very easy to talk to. She was able to bring things to the surface that I wasn’t even aware of. This helped me to recognize differences in my coworkers and myself and appreciate those differences.”

• “I liked the way she brought the group together for a session. I realized that my shyness and insecurities weren’t helpful to my core group of teachers.”

•  “It was very helpful to find someone to listen without passing judgment, give us tasks to work on and be sensitive to our personal feelings.I thank ArLyne for that, and the center for providing this service for us.”

I would not hesitate to recommend ArLyne’s services to anyone.” - Gloria Ricardo, Director, St. Matthias Day Care Center


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Styles and Skills
  • Morale Building


The City of San Carlos employed ArLyne Diamond to do an organizational study.  Dr. Diamond spent over one year observing the workings of City Hall and interviewing key personnel.  Her observations and conclusions were presented in a comprehensive report which included recommendations for each City department…. She was deeply involved in redefining the way San Carlos does business and in reshaping employee attitudes…. We found her insights to be of great value and have made them a feature in many of the changes we have implemented since.” - Michael P. Garvey, City Manager, City of San Carlos

“Dr. Diamond consulted for the City of San Carlos to facilitate our permit streamlining process.  She was instrumental in leading our very successful, award winning efforts, resulting in over one hundred changes to provide better services to our customers.

Equally important was the significant improvement in how the various City Departments, including Police and Fire, now work with one another. Of particular note was her ability to motivate each department representative to start thinking about how his/her department functions without becoming ‘territorial’ – to work toward common goals and solutions without protecting his/her own department if change was warranted.

Listing what I believe to be her outstanding qualities and strengths can best sum up my recommendation of Dr. Diamond:

• Intelligence:  an active, alert and quick mind.  She is able to grasp an issue and determine various workable alternatives for timely and responsible solutions.

• Experience:  varied – both technical and practical in many subject areas.

• Writing Skills:  concise, accurate, and easy to read and understand.

• Verbal Skills: excellent communicator – one-on-one and groups – citizens, public and elected officials.

• Organization:  understands inter-departmental relationships and dynamics.

• Team Building:  builds consensus and ‘buy-in’ by participants – common goals, objectives, strategies and efforts – ‘we can do anything together!’

• Innovation:  challenges personal and organizational beliefs and strategies – the way ‘things have always been done’ – why not consider alternative/better ways?

• Awareness:  sees the ‘big picture’ and the individual pieces that comprise it.

• Attitude:  positive, ‘can do’

• Interpersonal Relationships:  effective working with groups that have ‘their own agenda.’ Is not threatened by strong people and stimulates participation throughout the process by all participants.

• Cost Control: conscious about budget and time restraints.  Met them and in several cases, beat them.

• Change Agent:  facilitates effective change by using all of the skills noted above."
- Steve Watry, Community Development Director, City of San Carlos


  • Year-long organizational study to identify business process inefficiencies and recommend improvements.
  • Breaking Down Silos – allowing for honest communication
  • Process Improvement – System Streamlining
  • Conflict Resolution


“I have enjoyed working with you on the Permit Streamlining Core Team here in San Carlos.  When you joined the team my concern was for positive results that would, or could, be obtained given the confrontational nature of the process.  Your professional, adroit and humorous handling of the many meetings gave everyone a comfortable and open approach to problem solving that has accomplished more than I ever thought possible.  I appreciate your ability not only to lead people, but to redirect their energies by looking at problems differently as well as your ability to change attitudes, the hardest of all to reshape.” - Leonard D. Miller, CEO, Quorum


“ArLyne has worked with nearly all SamTrans’s divisions in various tasks and roles.  She has developed strategies and programs which have greatly benefited the district in dealing with issues such as team building, organizational development, process re-engineering, management and leadership training, 360 degree management evaluations and conflict resolution.

ArLyne’s instinctive ability to quickly understand the crux of issues that management has either overlooked or not acknowledged, has set her apart from the majority of consultants with whom I have worked the past twenty years.  Additionally her direct approach to both management and staff has been a refreshing change which has augmented her ability to resolve underlying issues and problems.” - George Cameron, Chief Administrative Officer, SamTrans

“We engaged ArLyne’s services to help effect a cultural change through leadership training and coaching.  Simply stated, her performance was exceptional.  Her coaching produced demonstrable differences in the leadership qualities of our managers and key staff members and resulted in significantly improved relationships throughout the organization.

I strongly recommend ArLyne’s services to any organization particularly one that wants to confront its performance objectives head-on.  Her approach is direct and unequivocal.  Most of our staff members found her style refreshing and provocative, but individuals must be willing to face sometimes difficult realities in order to implement her suggestions.  An example is the “360 degree management evaluations” in which performance assessments are generated both up and down the chain of command.  In the process, our supervisors and managers were exposed to some candid appraisals by subordinates.  While initial reactions were sometimes unsettling, there was general agreement that the outcome led to a stronger, more competent team.

ArLyne is an extremely well trained, highly motivated individual who draws upon years of experience and a superb educational background.  Despite her direct approach she presents her programs in a casual and warm manner and is able to relate well to people of all persuasions.” - Michael J. Scanlon, General Manager/CEO, SamTrans


  • Management Consulting – several groups
  • Coaching individual managers
  • Integrating different working styles (government v. private railroad service)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management (New CEO, New Values, New Responsibilities)
  • Recommendations for Promotion
  • Recommendation for transfer to other areas in the organization
  • Public Relations (internal) program
  • Customer service/customer satisfaction programs
  • 360 degree evaluations
  • Breaking down of silos


“Thank you for an outstanding retreat.  The subject matter of your presentation was superb and the pace of the presentation was excellent.  Everybody left feeling enthused and with a better understanding as to their duties and responsibilities as members of a synagogue board of directors.”- Dave Weiss, Past President, Temple Solael

“I write to express my appreciation for the top-flight facilitation you provided at the board retreat. You were obviously well prepared to assist the Board in Temple business by planning and implementing proven management techniques.  The professionalism of your effort was impressive.” - Stephen T. Holzer, President, Temple Solael


  • Strategic Planning and Team Building Retreat
  • Leadership Development



“Marjorie Feldman, our President, and I recently attended one of your Leadership Development workshops.  We were so glad we took the time to attend.  We have had a very difficult year and it was wonderful to get solid information about ways to improve our own roles as leaders.  We also got valuable information about how to help strengthen and reach out to our congregation.

You are incredibly competent and talented. We came away from the workshop feeling inspired, motivated, informed and, most importantly, prepared to implement the suggestions and ideas that you put forward.” - Nicole Barchilon Frank, Board Secretary, Temple Beth-El


  • Strategic Planning and Team Building Retreat
  • Leadership Development



“How can we thank you enough for the wonderful weekend at Asilomar?  Everyone left on Sunday feeling as though a great deal had been shared, discussed, and accomplished.  We covered so much because you were so well prepared.” - Russell J. Kirschjenbaum, President, Gail Schwartz, Executive Director


  • Strategic Planning and Team Building Retreat
  • Leadership Development


“Thanks for your recommendations and all your hard work.  I received several positive comments about the offsite. We recognize that this assignment was not an easy one and was indeed time consuming.  There were a lot of individuals to meet, a lot of different perspectives to align, and many hours of preparation and organization required to build two fine events:  the brainstorming day and the board retreat.  Your dedication and drive were greatly appreciated and the results you provided will help us move forward in building the committees we will need for the next few years.” - Andrew Zielinski, V.P, Willow Glen Business Association Executive Committee


  • Strategic Planning and Team Building Retreat
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee evaluation – job description, recommendations for change


“The training you conducted with our supervisors, managers and executive staff was upbeat and well received. The information you provided was concise and easy to understand for all levels of employees.”   - Dave Spencer, Director Human Resources, Black Mountain Spring Water


  • Safety and Drug Free Workplace Training

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