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Professional Biography - ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D.

Multi-faceted like a Diamond, ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. has extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines (business, education, psychology, law, marketing, management and consulting) enabling her to see things from a variety of angles, quickly cleaving to the essence of a problem, offering her clients creative and practical solutions. Specializing in People and Processes in the Workplace, ArLyne describes her work as: Helping You Get the Most out of Yourself and Others.

She works with entire departments, teams, small groups, and individuals, at every level in an organization, from Boards of Directors and upper management to support staff. ArLyne works with professional practices, businesses, non-profit associations, and government agencies (including police and fire), as well as with professional and career development for individuals. She is well noted for her skill in large and small group process, including strategic planning, change agent/management, IT Dept. and customer understanding/satisfaction, conflict resolution, streamlining of systems, training of management to manage people, as well as board, committee and team training.

People Skills

  • Board of Directors and Leadership Training & Retreats
  • Strategic Planning, Group Decision Making & Problem Solving Workshops/Retreats
  • Executive Team Screening, Selection, Development and Maintenance
  • Management Development for Excellence, Creativity - and Motivation
  • Managing People, Programs, Products and Processes
  • Cultural and Business Change - Managing the Transition & Growth
  • Communication, Persuasion and Presentation Skill Development
  • Persuasion, Mediation, Negotiation
  • Cooperation, Conflict Resolution, Diversity, Gender, Discrimination & Harassment
  • Customer Service/Satisfaction – both internal & External
  • Morale, Motivation, Productivity, Loyalty
  • Sales Training, and
  • Career and Professional Development Planning and Implementation

Process Development

  • Development of Business, Marketing and Sales Strategies,
  • Tactical Decisions and Implementation,
  • Organizational Development
  • Streamlining, Re-engineering, Infrastructure
  • Customized Performance Evaluations & 360 degree evaluations & training in their use
  • Administrative Systems including Policy, Procedures, Job Descriptions, and Forms, and
  • Staff Development and Training of Procedures and Systems

Start-ups find her varied skills and experience useful. She helps select the right mix of personnel, trains effective upper management teams and creates much needed infrastructure.

As a Professional Development Consultant, she helps those on the fast track for promotion, as well as professionals in private practice. Her clients improve their interpersonal relationship skills, image, and management style as well as their strategic decision making abilities. They learn to work well with superiors, subordinates and projects. She consults with professionals about business practices, development, staff management, customer service and marketing.

ArLyne appears on radio and television programs and speaks to community organizations about a wide range of topics.

She has been described by others as seeing things clearly, being perceptive about people, and articulate and comfortable in style.

Dr. Diamond teaches university courses in: Organizational Development, Working with a Multi-Cultural Organization, Marketing, Mediation, Diversity Training, Conflict Resolution, Interviewing and Hiring Practices, Ethics and Expectations in the Workplace, Group Decision Making and Problem-Solving, and Professional and Personal Development. In the past she taught graduate level psychology courses, including psychological testing and evaluation, career counseling, and many others. She has guest-lectured at Stanford Law School and other colleges and universities.

Dr. Diamond teaches persuasion, negotiation and conflict resolution. She uses mediation, facilitation and arbitration skills with clients to resolve workplace conflict. She also teaches mediation to and has been an arbitrator for the Santa Clara County Bar Association and ihas been an arbitrator and mediator with the Better Business Bureau.

Her community service and committee work is vast and includes having been President and on the Board of many organizations. A separate listing is available upon request. This background led to the creation of her Board and Committee training experience and book, Dr. Diamond has provided almost one-hundred workshops to association, non-profit, religious, and corporate boards.

Frequently quoted and published in textbooks, newspapers, and magazines, Dr. Diamond authored her own newsletter and wrote a column, Workplace, in the San Jose Business Journal. She provided guest columns on management to Silicon Valley BizInk. Recently she was quoted in Entrepreneur and the Harvard Management Communications Letter. Currently on the Advisory Board of the ADA Compliance Group, she writes a regular column for their magazine. Her book, Training Your Board of Directors: A Manual for the CEOs, Board Members, Administrators and Executives of Corporations, Associations, Non-Profit and Religious Organizations (With a special Section on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which raises the standards for corporate governance, even if you are not legally bound by it.) is available at: www.productivepublications.com

She is completing her book on Fund-Raising for Non-Profits. Also in production is a book series: The Business of the Profession, designed to help professional practices and small businesses understand business practices, needs, management, marketing and business development.. Dr. Diamond has completed the research for her book: CEO: Creatively Energized Organizations, which is a leadership and management book. Also nearing completion is her Roles and Responsibilities of the Workplace, designed for training entry level employees.

As owner and administrator of Diamond Associates, founded in 1981, ArLyne has experience in all aspects of small business ownership and management of professional and support staff.


Her early work experience includes having been an executive secretary, bookkeeper, office manager, credit and collections manager, efficiency expert, systems designer and troubleshooter. She conceived and created the first ever Customer Service Department in an international sales distribution organization. She designed, staffed, managed and created all procedures for it. Upon moving to California, she became a business and management consultant.

Starting Diamond Associates in 1981, she has been the managing partner and administrator - thus having first hand experience running a business.

Dr. Diamond has two master’s degrees and a doctorate in Psychology. She also studied business management, organizational/ industrial psychology, law, and a mix of other subjects. For example, she attended law classes at Stanford Law School, Master of Business Administration classes at the University of Phoenix, and Economics classes at the New School for Social Research.

As a Commissioner on the Status of Women, she was chair of the Women’s Workplace Issues Committee. She was a founding member of the Northern California Consortium of Women’s Re-Entry Programs, and served as a consultant to Junior Colleges throughout Northern California, creating and teaching counseling and career development courses. ArLyne has counseled hundreds of women in personal and professional development and speaks regularly about women’s issues.

She was the founding President of the Santa Clara County Chapter of the American Psychology-Law Society and served on its board for several years. She was a testifying forensic expert, and consulted to judges, attorneys, police and other professionals. Dr. Diamond practiced as a therapist in Santa Clara County for twenty years. In addition to working with individuals, couples, families and groups, she trained and supervised other mental health professionals. She also created and facilitated hundreds of workshops.

In addition to her current professional practice as a consultant, ArLyne devotes much of her time to social issues and community service. She serves or has served on a wide variety of community boards and commissions. For example, she worked with the Santa Clara Diabetes Society developing their support and education programs. She created and moderated a series of programs, featuring 35 speakers, called Breaking Down the Walls of Fear and Hate, held in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution’s exhibition, A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto, which earned the 1992 Santa Clara County Human Relations Award. She served on the Associate Board of the San Jose Symphony, where among other projects she chaired the Walk-A-Thon committee. She was President of her Homeowner’s Association for five years and has served on many Professional Committees as well.

Like a Diamond, using ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. as your consultant
will prove to be a wise investment that appreciates in value over time.